Welcome to the Online Journalism WikiEdit

Sharing tools and best practices for telling journalism stories online: This is a wiki for teaching and learning. Contributions are welcome!

This is a very new wiki, so the amount of content here is still small.

What Is Online Journalism?Edit

Some might argue that ALL journalism today is online -- and there's not much point in arguing with that.

When we talk about training and re-training journalists to DO journalism "online," though, we are talking about a subset within the WHOLE of journalism. Journalism is a practice and a field that existed long before the Internet and long before the Web. The professional ethics and basic practices of that -- of JOURNALISM -- continue in the online world. Finding stories, sharing news, checking facts -- these are all part of journalism, online and off-line.

"Online journalism" refers to the practices and products of journalism that take place on digital platforms other than TV, radio and print. These platforms include mobile devices as well as computers and the Internet. The most significant differences between these platforms -- between the old/analog and the new/digital -- are not the devices but rather the network: the two-way communication, the ability of audiences to participate, to choose, to talk back, to get news and information on their own terms and at the times that suit them.

It is these aspects of the new/digital media that have changed the way journalists gather, process and share information.

Latest activityEdit

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